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Welcome to the ASPIRE System. I’m your Start Up coach assisting you with getting started and guiding

you through the first 6 steps of this system. You’ll get the most out of this whole process if you carefully

complete and signed off each step – one at a time.


Make sure you are on Skype and add me as a contact (my username is YECIDAH) as I mainly do

appointments on Skype.


You are going to do great things here, just make sure you follow the 6 simple steps and get on my

calendar ASAP and don’t miss any of our appointments.





I’m very excited to work with you and help you have an outstanding experience.




I was born in Switzerland and grew up half there, half in Australia, I have a very fulfilling life, I work 100%

online and when I’m not traveling I’m based in the beautiful city of Cusco, Peru.


In my early career I had many professions. I was a bartender in ski resorts, I was a team leader with Red

Cross and World Vision, I worked in telecommunications and sales, in public relations and consulting, as a

model and have been involved in the organic industry for over 12 years.


I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a teenager and started business mostly offline (back then the

internet didn’t provide the opportunity it does today) and when the internet became mainstream with the

skills I learned, I’ve been able to build up multiple very successful businesses in real estate, internet

marketing and consulting.



I’m a business growth and internet marketing expert and began coaching to help others harness the

power of the internet and get paid to follow their passions.


I’ve been able to achieve a high degree of success in my career and I’ve noticed a distinct difference from

traditional means of earning income and working online.


The internet is one of the most effective ways to leverage your time, build an asset, have more time

freedom and lead a really great life.


This industry has given me so much freedom, happiness and a great lifestyle and it’s available to you as

well, no matter your experience.


Make a decision today, to go after this with all you have. Stay focused. Work Hard. Believe in yourself, and

you’ll achieve a lot of success!




Looking forward to get to know you and talk to you soon.




Eliane Carbajal Kalinowski




Best Contact Details:

My Skype ID: Yecidah  




USA – (347) 766-0274

All of your coaching calls with me will be through SKYPE and I work by appointment only.